Technical Support

RYBS' technical support provides expertise in DOS, Windows and Windows 95 memory management, and goes the extra mile to provide support for most other company's products as well.

Our customers get the added benefit of being able to get instant technical support related to other company's products. If you use ATLast! and have a problem using or configuring new hardware or installing new software, you can make RYBS your first point of contact.

RYBS customers can now short cut the thankless task of calling three or more different technical support agencies to get the answers. When you call, the phone is answered by a real, knowledgeable technical support person who will respond to any technical issue.

Our support team is the only one dedicated to providing answers and solutions to problems related to other company's products.

RYBS also provides expertise in PCMCIA laptop memory configurations. We specialize in the implementation and optimization of Card and Socket Services or Point Enablers, to provide the best memory recovery possible in PCMCIA laptops. Our market-wide knowledge of memory management issues is an extra resource to save your overburdened staff from researching problems that have already been solved.

Our phones are staffed Monday through Friday between between the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time.

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