ATLast! Stabilizes Problem PCs

Expensive people with expensive tools don't earn money while they're fighting with the tools.

Don't Get Bitten

No matter which memory manager you use (except ATLast!) there are problems waiting to pounce. Don't get bitten chasing a few extra bytes when trying to solve complex memory issues. Choose a memory manager that eliminates problems that would otherwise eat your time and money. Compatibility is the Key!

Error Correction

The most common sources of system hangs or crashes are: Most users have learned to not report non-reproducible system crashes. They simply reboot the system, restart their applications, recover any lost files and go back to work. These types of crashes generally cause other un-corrected system problems which cascade until something more catastrophic occurs, requiring technical support to recover.

ATLast! automatically intercepts and corrects these problems internally so they don't affect the user (or the support staff). DOS, Windows or other memory management programs have no mechanism to resolve these conflicts. The result is, among other things, hair loss, hangs, crashes, loss or corruption of data, and other untraceable "anomalies". Attempting to identify and fix these problems is a nightmare, since they are non-repeatable.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Ben Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac

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